The parties to this Agreement are:


Catchyz is one of the largest leading online e-commerce platforms offering opportunity for sellers to advertise their products and services under a large number of sections and provides various other services related to one’s daily life (hereinafter referred to as the Publisher).


Advertiser identification User hereinafter referred to as the Advertiser).


The Advertiser intends to advertise on Catchyz Platform on such terms and conditions as set out hereunder; These Terms of Use determine the nature of the agreement between Catchyz Ltd and advertiser, control your use of the products and services we offer via our website and smart app, The Company is desirous of engaging the Advertiser to provide advertising services on such terms as are set out throughout this Agreement and the Advertiser for his part is desirous of being engaged by the Publisher to provide said advertisement on said terms

    1. This agreement witnesses as follows:

1. 1 Subscription process

Your account: to obtain certain services from Catchyz, you will need to create your own account through your email address and password. This email will be the approved mail and you will be responsible for the confidentiality of your account password. Therefore; you must protect your password and choose a password that is difficult to access by others. You may also log in and create an account on the Site through third party services such as Facebook which authorize us to access, store and use your personal information as a service accessible as described in our Privacy Policy. If your account has been compromised or misused, please contact our customer service team immediately.

1.2 Safety & Security Tips Dealings:

You can buy and sell through Catchyz by finding the item you want to buy first, then contact the advertiser through the available communication methods and inquire about what you want, and agree on the sale and delivery, To be safe without fraud, please verify that there is a real product, inspect it, do not send any cash to anyone without confirming the advertiser and the commodity, preferably communicate with the advertiser and interview on the real environment, and avoid the prepayment and shipping done.

Note: Catchyz not responsible for the sales and purchase transactions between advertisers, as we are simply an intermediary between the seller and the buyer to display free classified ads.

You can always report fraud users by contacting us immediately if you suspect the credibility of a user's ad on Catchyz.

In addition, we encourage you to go to the police if a trap occurred or fraud,We are ready to provide the police with any information that serves the investigation, at their official request. Quickly fill out an application to be able to stop the person's account after conducting the necessary investigations.

Catchyz Wallet is a prepaid system used on Catchyz that allows the registered users to purchase credits which may be used to buy services offered by Catchyz. Credit within Catchyz Wallet cannot be exchanged for money and does not earn interest or dividends. Only registered users in good standing are eligible to purchase credits and use Catchyz Wallet. All Catchyz Wallet credit purchases shall be final and irrevocable. Catchyz reserves the right to stop selling Catchyz Wallet credits, or change the cost, as well as the manner by which a registered user can purchase, store or use Catchyz Wallet credits.

Note: 2% - 4% conversion rate commission will be added to online payments, according to local banks, as well as the local conversion rate for US dollars.

A registered user may use Catchyz Wallet credits to purchase any of the following products and services from Catchyz: Featured Posts, Bump Ups, Premium Memberships, Shops, and other features that may be made available in the future. Registered users are prohibited from using Catchyz Wallet credits to purchase products and services not offered by Catchyz or to buy items or services posted by other users on Catchyz. Furthermore, transferring Catchyz Wallet credits to another user is not permitted. Each Catchyz Wallet credit purchased by a registered user does not expire. However, if a user's account becomes inactive, deactivated, or terminated, all Catchyz Wallet credits, if any, shall automatically be forfeited. Catchyz reserves the right to forfeit any Catchyz Wallet credit believed to have been acquired through fraudulent or unlawful means without prior notice.

If Catchyz reasonably believes or has evidence that a user has violated any of these rules or other terms of the Catchyz terms of use, Catchyz may take the following actions: (a) block the use of the user’s Catchyz Wallet credits; and/or (b) delete and/or amend advertisements, Paid Ads, and/or posts.

By using Catchyz Wallet, you agree that:

At any time and without prior notice, Catchyz may update, change, or terminate in whole or in part (i) any of its content or services, including Catchyz Wallet; and (ii) these terms and conditions. Any update, change, or termination shall be effective immediately upon posting or implementation on any Catchyz website, platform, or service. Catchyz reserves its absolute right to control, eliminate, manage, modify, and regulate Catchyz Wallet, its content, service, technology, platform, and all related matters, as it sees fit in its sole discretion and Catchyz shall have no liability whatsoever upon its exercise of such rights.

Catchyz may audit and inspect a user’s Catchyz Wallet account to investigate system errors or to confirm any reported or potential violation of these terms and conditions or any of the policies, rules, and regulations of Catchyz. Any dispute regarding Catchyz Wallet should be reported to Catchyz within twenty-four (24) hours from the time the problem is discovered by the user. Otherwise, the user waives all claims against Catchyz in relation to the problem.

- User’s username;
- User’s email address;
- User’s registered mobile number ;
- The amount of Catchyz Wallet credits disputed (if applicable);
-A description of the error;
-Date and time of incident;

1.2 The prohibits once subscribed

  • Alcoholic beverages, Drug products, psychotropic substances, medicines, analgesics, or even direct or indirect links to substances, products or services that are prohibited by law (For dietary supplements, slimming products and cosmetic creams, you must be provided with a copy of the FDA approval.
  • Natural or artificial human organs, including blood and body fluids.
  • Prostitution or any other services, including, immorally violate the provisions of the law.
  • Antiquities" and "Art Treasures" not authorized for sale or trading under any applicable law
  • Offensive material intended for use in a sexual setting
  • Information and materials referring to defamation, threats or even abuse.
  • Fake information about the nature or manner of use of products and services.
  • Counterfeit or stolen goods or illegal and authorized services.
  • The transmission of computer viruses or any software that may hack and destroy computer systems and withdraw personal data.
  • Chemicals and hazardous pesticides.
  • Fireworks, explosives, improvised explosive devices,etc.
  • Personal documents, financial records and any personal information including mailing lists.
  • Posting ads to competing sites or companies to Catchyz and Violate any of the laws or any point of our Prohibited Content Policy.
  • Posting false or misleading ads.
  • Violate any of the rights of any other party.
  • Distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm that would harm the site or the interests and property of users or anyone.
  • Copy, modify, or publish someone else's content.
  • Collect information about other users including private email or any other personal information.
  • Use personal information of other persons without their express consent.

1.3 Advertising Appointment & Obligations

  • The Publisher offers the Advertiser advertising space on the Website for the duration of this Agreement, and the Advertiser accepts the same, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.
  • The Publisher warrants that it is authorized and has the capacity to grant the advertising rights to the Advertiser on the Website and that it may grant similar advertising rights to some other party for the term of this Agreement.
  • The advertisement is placed in the internal page of( his website) ,Kinyarwanda version or any other language as agreed, clickable with a link to Catchyz website or any other page of their choice, the content to be published through Sky Scrapper banner shall be determined or amended or modified by the advertiser at his sole discretion, articles will be published after the approval of the advertiser, The article can be in regards of the advertiser’s services, products or activities.

1.4 Publisher’s Undertakings

  • The Publisher undertakes, throughout the term of this Agreement; To always act in the best interest of the Advertiser, giving effect to their duty of good faith and the spirit of the relationship between the parties which is one of utmost good faith
  • That it and/or its Employees shall not act, or omit to act, in any manner which may directly or indirectly damage the good name and/or reputation of the Advertiser.
  • The Publisher shall reimburse the advertiser his total Payment in case his rights written above are not respected accordingly.

1.5 Advertiser’s Obligations

  • The Advertiser agrees that it will surrender to the Company the following items on the termination of this Advertising Agreement.
  • A full list of keywords used in connection with the advertisement
  • All advertising copy and creative.
  • Full details of the PPC or PPV strategy including targeted territories, budgets, and any other demographics.
  • Full details of all traffic received or directed under the campaign including Google Analytics information or similar.
  • To pay due amount on the time agreed

2. Payments information

Payment for advertising:First-time advertiser must make payment for their first ad at the time advertising materials are submitted. All ads must be paid for within thirty (30) days of the invoice date, and, if not, the publisher reserves the right to treat the advertiser as if they have canceled the contract, and the publisher may implement the cancellation penalty discussed. The payment can be made by either Cheque or Bank Transfer.

3.Warranties and indemnities

  • Both Parties warrant that they have the necessary power and approval to enter into this Advertising Agreement.
  • Both Parties warrant that they are not aware of anything in their reasonable control which will or could have an adverse effect upon their ability to perform their respective obligations under this Advertising Agreement.
  • The Advertiser warrants that he/she will use only those means of advertising approved by the Publisher and listed here up and the Advertiser undertakes not to use any other means of advertising without the prior written approval of the Publisher and such approval shall constitute a variation pursuant to agreement.
  • The Advertiser warrants that he/she will use only a) material expressly authorized by the Publisher or b) entirely original material and will not infringe the copyright of any third-party.
  • The Advertiser warrants that he/she will not use any false or misleading statements in their advertisements whether by statement, act, omission or implication.
  • The Advertiser warrants that he/she will not use any vulgar, offensive or disreputable means of advertising.
  • The Advertiser agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified the Publisher against any and all losses howsoever arising as a result of a breach of the above clauses.
  • The Advertiser acknowledges that he/she does not have the right to bind the Publisher.
  • The failure or delay by either Party to enforce any term of this agreement or to act upon a breach of any term shall not constitute a waiver of their rights.

4. Confidentiality

  • The Advertiser shall ensure that any confidential information or material which is obtained during the scope of this Advertising Agreement or in negotiation thereof is kept confidential including but not limited to the details of the means of advertising and the commission due or received under this Advertising Agreement.
  • The Publisher shall ensure that the details of the Candidate are kept confidential at all times and undertakes not to share this information with any third-parties.
  • The Advertiser undertakes that he shall not expose any confidential information except with the prior written consent of the Publisher or if directed to do so by a competent Court provided always that such information has not previously entered the public domain by other means.
  • The terms of above clauses shall apply indefinitely notwithstanding the termination of this Advertising Agreement

6. Penality clause

Any ads or desired fault containing one or more of the above prohibited items will be deleted once the prohibited is identified and the publisher reserves the right to permanently delete the user account, blacklist it or notify the appropriate authorities to enforce the necessary law.

In case of wallet holder, once fraud or smuggles occurred, the publisher has full right to use his/her wallet credits to reimburse or block, delete the account.

7. Certification and Domicile

After mutual understanding, we the representatives of parties in agreement and upon the power entrusted to us, we confirm the agreement conceptions.